The truely vertical engine

Truely Vertical Engine



A very interesting engine is the truely vertical engine. This engine was designed somewhere around 1840 and was one of the first examples of an engine without a beam.

To exclude the weight of the beam was an absolute necessity to increase the speed of the engine.

It has some interesting details, like the Z-mechanism, a combination of levers to guide the piston to move strictly vertical without horizontal deflection.

The engine was built on a massive foun- dation, but never the less unsuccessfull because of the instability, topheavy.

Otto Vertical EngineCuriously enough the first internal combustion engines (1872) had a very similar form.

These engines worked atmos- pheric, like the Newcomen engine. The combustion created a partial vacuĆ¼m which made the atmospheric pressure to push the piston back in. And that stroke produced the energy.

This engine was built by the great dr. Otto, from the Deutz-factories.